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Personal Information Handling Statement

Items and purpose of collection and use of personal information

The Digital Media Tech Show Secretariat (hereafter referred to as the Secretariat) uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.

A.The collected personal information shall be collected and used to provide information on new services and exhibitions or events, user management (handling complaints, delivering notices, etc.), and user service use statistics.

B. The Secretariat may also use personal information from users to promote various services the Secretariat provides through e-mail, SMS (cell phone text message), etc., to provide convenient and diverse services to users. In this case, if the user does not want it, they may refuse the service by notifying the Secretariat by phone.

C. The Secretariat shall neither use personal information for any purpose other than the stated purposes of collection and use nor provide it to a third party without the user's consent. In addition, the secretariat may use the photos and images taken in the exhibition hall later on professional media, online media, SNS channels, promotional materials, etc., and users are deemed to consent to the filming and its use upon entry.

D. Personal information collection items
- Name, gender, age group, organization name, department, phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, work in charge, the field of interest, the purpose of visit

E. The Secretariat may collect personal information in the following ways.
- In-advance/on-site registration, event application

■ Period of retention and use of personal information
In principle, the secretariat shall retain and use the user's personal information for the notified and agreed period and destroy personal information without delay when the purpose of collection and use is achieved. (5 years from the date of provision)
The user's personal information shall be destroyed without delay after the purpose of collection and use is achieved. In addition, the secretariat shall destroy the user's personal information without delay upon the termination of consent. If the handling of personal information is entrusted to a third party, the secretariat shall instruct the trustee to destroy it.

■ Provision of personal information to third parties and entrustment handling
A. The secretariat shall use users' personal information within the scope notified in 「Collection and Use of Personal Information」, and in principle, shall not use the user's personal information beyond the stated scope or provide it to a third party without the user's prior consent. However, exceptions are allowed in the following cases.
① When users consent to disclosure or provision to a third party in advance
② When there is a request from an investigative officer or supervisory authority by the provisions of the Act or for the purpose of investigation or inquiry following the procedures and methods stipulated in the Act

B. The consignment company handling personal information may entrust business processing to provide services. In such cases, the secretariat shall disclose the consigned company to the personal information handling policy and take necessary measures to ensure that personal information is safely managed.

C. In the following cases, personal information may be provided to the participating companies and used for their company and product information. Visitors shall have the choice of their information provision.
① If the visitor allows the participating company to tag their pass on the RFID reader in front of the booth to recognize the visitor's personally identifiable information (bar code, QR, etc.), the visitor shall be deemed to consent to providing their information to the company.
In principle, visitors may not agree to the collection of personal information under the Personal Information Protection Act. However, if visitors disagree, their admission to the exhibition is restricted.