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Convergence show of media content and state-of-the-art technology

for the first time in Korea Goyang Special City holds the Digital Media Tech Show from October 23rd to 25th.

The media content industry, the primary growth industry of Korea, is currently facing the wind of change at the center of the era of
great digital transformation. Now that the industry paradigm is changing and the scalability of the industry is infinite,
it is time to have a holistic understanding of the convergence of media content and cutting-edge technology.
DMTS, where excellent companies and experts from various fields gather together.
Experience the best business opportunities at DMTS.

Industry Flow presents by DMTS

Creating Content



Enhance and expand content



Distribution of content


Platform and Inverstor

Content Valueization

(NFT Managment/affiliated company)

Create / expand / distribute / value content in one place

Why DMTS 2023 ?

#One of a Kind

  • · A show that converges the present and future of Korea’s flagship industry, media content and 4IR cutting-edge technologies
  • · Incomparable with other IT shows
    - Focuses not just on the technology, but on creating synergy effects among the current cutting-edge technology areas at their golden time for commercialization
  • · Between digital media tech and media content companies,
    opportunities to discover a hidden champion and the future growth engines through business matching events, high-tech demonstration, pitching of promising start-ups, and export/purchase consulting

#The Trendsetter

  • · Industries of Interest Among 110 National Agendas of New Administration
    (Media Content, Metaverse, Digital Asset Development) align with the show as it supports advancing into domestic and foreign market of related industries and creating public consensus.
    New administration’s expanded market size of digital media industry 19.5 trillion KRW (2020) -> 30 trillion KRW (2027)
  • · Hosted by government organizations and participated by digital media and content related organizations

#The Center of Media Digital Tech & Content

  • · In association with Techno Valley (Pangyo, Gwanggyo, Ilsan), Broadcasting Media Belt (Sangam-Goyang), Knowledge Media Industrial Complex (Paju) Publication Complex (Paju)
  • · A model to boost local and regional economies
  • · Representative digital media tech show in Gyeonggi-Province


The first show that converges today and tomorrow of
Korea’s flagship industry content and cutting-edge technologies

  • · The digital content market is worth $2.3310 trillion (2019), which is 56.6% of the content industry and growing exponentially with a YoY increase of 11.6%.
  • · The content industry is rapidly growing due to the expansion of mobile content, commercialization of 5G, and new OTT services. Digital transformation such as XR, lifelike content, and AI convergence is likely to be accelerated.
  • · Converged with blockchain technology, NFT market has skyrocketed with an YoY growth of 27,724% (2021 Q3), becoming the biggest topic in the ICT industry.
  • · Korea’s content market is the 7th largest in the world. Considering the new administration’s commitment to develop the digital content industry and Goyang city’s content industry infrastructure, it is possible to create environments to host a digital content exhibition.

WHAT’s NEW in DMTS 2023?

The first convergence show envisioning the present and future of digital content and the 4th industrial revolution cutting-edge technology

  • 1 Segmenting the digital convergence industry of the 4th industry to enhance the concentration on a specialized exhibition in 4 areas

    The show consists of [Smart Tech], [Media & Content Tech], [XR & Metaverse], and [NFT & Blockchain] to satisfy the needs of visitors through cutting-edge technologies, solutions, and services in each field.

  • 2 Expanding business programs to maximize the performance of participating companies and provide practical benefits

    The show includes pitching for promising startups to support corporate growth, various programs to develop new markets, and integrated business purchase and export consultation for business development.

  • 3 Operating Convergence of high-tech digital technology and contents industry and ‘Special Experience Center’

    The show is to make the digital content industry a national convergence industry while strengthening its expertise at the same time by introducing non-commercial R&D technology, operating an innovative platform that combines cutting-edge technologies such as metaverse, XR, NFT, and AI in the content industry, and a special exhibition hall for technology products.

  • 4 Media Content Korea (5,000㎡), holding exhibitions to revitalize digital media tech areas simultaneously

    Expanding in size (15,000㎡) by hosting simultaneous exhibitions, maximizing synergy effect.