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Benefits & Support for Participating Companies

Business Programs

Integrated Business Demand Consulting

  • - 1:1 meeting with public agencies/large companies/foreign companies
  • - Recruit buyers in demand as much as possible
  • - Cooperation opportunities with various industries and businesses

Pitching for Promising Start-ups

  • - Registration for well-performing companies in advance
  • - Offers IR to attract large investments

Conferences with Industry Experts

  • - Invite key speakers from each industry
    Ex) Topics covering issues related to laws and regulation, recent trends
  • - Large audience for the conference

Event Programs

Special Experience Hall & Demonstration Site

  • - Real demonstration of new technologies and products in each area
  • - Offer sensory experiences to incite interests about product

On-site NFT Auction

  • - On-site auction event using domestic and overseas major auction platforms
  • - The first auction event that combines real and virtual spaces simultaneously. Connects the real event hall with the exhibition in the metaverse

Open Seminar (First-come,
first-served basis)

  • - Use the site to explain and promote products of participating companies
  • - Located at the Conference Zone within the Exhibition Hall

Promotion & Marketing

Exposure through the official website, newsletter, ad banners

  • - Regular exposure of products and technologies of participating companies along the event timeline
  • - Ad banners on major web portals and relevant websites

Media Conference & Press Tour

  • - Before the event: general exposure to potential buyers through the Media Conference
  • - During the event: encourage media converge for each company through the Press Tours

Social Media Marketing

  • - Tailored and target marketing per social media channel
    Ex) LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • - Display of products and technologies and other event programs for products in promotion