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Event Overview

Time 10:00~17:00/November 23rd, 2022 to 25th (Fri)
Place Halls 3 &4, Exhibition 1 at KINTEX (10,773㎡)
Hosted by Ministry of Science and Technology Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
Organized by KINTEX, Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership
Sponsored by Korea Blockchain Law Society, Korea Digital Content Creators Association, IPXHOP, Korea Software Industry Association, International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Ethics, TokenPost, Media Strategy Institute, Korea Metaverse Media Association
CONFERENCE (DAY1) ‘Digital Media Tech Final Conference’: Co-hosted by Blockchain Forum-IPXHOP & IPVERSE
(DAY2) ‘NFT ASIA’: Co-hosted by Korea NFT Content Association (KONCA)-KINTEX
(DAY3) ‘NFT Investment IR Show: Co-hosted by Korea NFT Content Association (KONCA)-KINTEX
‘NFT SEOUL FESTIVAL DAO PRESENTATION’: Co-hosted by Korea Blockchain Law Society, and KINTEX
KCA AWARDS ICT fund performance meeting and AWARDS: Co-hosted by KCA (Korea Communications Agency)-KINTEX
Theme Pavilion - One-person Media KODIC Theme Pavilion: high-tech device demonstration and unboxing inviting one-person creators and YouTubers
- Edutech/SmartBook Theme Pavilion: Joint Pavilion (planned) with the participation of Pajubookcity Center, Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea, and publishers
OPEN STAGE 1, 2 Performance / Awards Ceremonies / Events hosted by partner organizations such as KONCA, KCA, Korea Creative Content Agency, IPXHOP & IPVERSE
Export/purchase consultation by exhibition category (Digital Media Tech & Content, XR & Metaverse, NFT & Blockchain)
Export consultation inviting major companies and buyers: hosted by Win-win growth commission and okta
BUSINESS PROGRAM Promising startup IR pitching sessions, NFT gallery & auction events, etc.

Floor Plan (preliminary)


Smart Tech

  • - Big data
  • - Cloud
  • - IoT/5G
  • - AI
  • - 3D printing technology
  • - Adtech
  • - Drone/Robot

Media & Content Tech

  • - Video and sound production equipment
  • - CG/DIGITAL production equipment
  • - Illustration production equipment
  • - Webtoon / animation production equipment
  • - One-person media broadcasting
  • Special Pavilion: Edutech

XR / Metaverse

  • - Virtual human production & system
  • - Metaverse platform
  • - AR/VR/MR/Hologram production and implementation device


  • - Blockchain, NFT finance
  • - NFT content
  • - Auction platform and exchange
  • - IP holding company, NFT service
  • - Coins and e-wallets

전시 참여 구성원


Content production and outsourcing contracts

Device/platform production and outsourcing contracts

Introduction of new technology and product to discover new customer


  • - Smart Tech
  • - Media & Content Tech
  • - XR and Metaverse
  • - NFT and Blockchain
  • - Edutech


  • - Purchasing managers of public organizations and large companies
  • - Overseas related organizations and companies
  • - IP holding companies / distribution companies / platforms and investors
  • - Educational institutions such as elementary/middle/high school, and university
  • - AR/VR/XR production companies, special effects production companies, broadcasting companies/editing companies/outsourcing production companies
  • - Metaverse platforms, other content producers
  • - Creators (video/animation/game/sound)
  • - Photographers, designers, calligraphers, illustrators, etc.


Digital Asset & Tech Conference
Hosted by: IPXHOP & Blockchain Forum
NFT ASIA International Conference
Hosted by: Korea NFT Content Association
NFT Investment IR SHOW
Hosted by: Korea NFT Content Association (KONCA)
Digital Media Tech Conference
Hosted by: IPXHOP & Blockchain Forum
Hosted by: Blockchain Law Society & KINTEX

* 세부 타임테이블 및 라인업은 별도 공지 예정입니다.

Other events

ICT Fund Performance Meeting and AWARDS

Hosted by: Korea Communication Agency(KCA)

One-person Media KODICC Theme Hall

Hosted by: Korea Digital Content Creators Association(KODICC)


Hosted by: Korea NFT Content Association(KONCA)

NFT Investment IR SHOW

Hosted by: Korea NFT Content Association (KONCA)

DMTS OPEN STAGE stage performance and VIP PARTY

Hosted by: DMTS

NFT live auction

Hosted by: Blockchain Law Society